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essentials soap bases

our crystal-clear transparent soap contains aloe vera and vitamin e; while the opaque, white soap is enriched with coconut oil. both contain one-third humectant moisturizers to enhance skin softness. both of these soaps are available in 2 lb. bricks with measured grids for easy cutting.
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natural soap bases

our natural line of soap bases are available in clear olive oil and opaque avocado cucumber. both feature a special suspension formula to keep herbal additives uniformly distributed within the finished soap. 2 lb. brick with measured grid for easy cutting.
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cool soap stuff bases

the cool soap stuff line includes 4 wild & outrageous fluorescent-colored soap bases that kids will love it!! the fluorescent yellow, orange, green and pink soap bases come in 1 lb. bricks and are made from natural, pure vegetable glycerin soap.
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