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the essentials tm line from life of the party tm - handmade soaps are fabulous for home décor and gifts. soapmaking with life of the party products is easy, fun and produces great results the very first time. our broad range of creative supplies elevates soapmaking to soap crafting!

soapmaking is one of the hottest new crafts and life of the party is proud to be the leader - more crafters choose our products than any other brand!

the essentials line

just repackaged and expanded, the essentials line should be the backbone of any soapcrafting department.

it includes the finest quality clear and opaque soap bases, liquid colorants to create any color, the largest assortment of molds in the category, and a broad selection of fragrances, additives and ready-to-drop-in inserts.

this is the line that will teach the basics to your customers, keep them coming back for more and prepare them to do really creative soapcrafting.

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molds & soap bases

it's simple to release soaps from our super-durable, crystal-clear reusable molds. choose from over 250 different styles, all with exceptional detail. more than anyone in the business.

our soap base is the finest melt & pour formula for soap crafting, made from natural, pure vegetable glycerin. our crystal-clear transparent soap contains aloe vera and vitamin e; while the opaque, white soap is enriched with coconut oil. both contain one-third humectant moisturizers to enhance skin softness. available in 2 lb. bricks with measured grids for easy cutting. new! soap bases come in a patented storage container with closeable lid to keep your soap fresh.

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soap additives

dyes: our easy-to-use, highly concentrated, liquid colors may be used individually, blended to create custom colors, or swirled gently to create tye die or marbleized effects. color up to 12 lbs. of soap with one 3-bottle package of dyes! available in .25 oz. dropper bottles.

fragrances: we offer a wide variety of the finest, blended fragrances to add fresh, clean scents to soap. over 25 of the most requested scents available. highly concentrated – .25 oz. of fragrance can scent up to 6 lbs. of soap.

additives: our glitters and pearl powders create excitement with shimmering special effects. 1.1 grams, packed in jars.

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soap inserts

a wide variety of ready-to-drop-in inserts for both bar and loaf molds enhance contrast and interest for that professional soap-in-a-soap look. all are made from a special, hi-temperature soap formula that maintains its shape when melted soap base is poured over them. polybagged, weight varies by item.

curls, shavings, noodles and loaf inserts

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the new essentials line features colorful, self-selling packaging that shows just how easy soap crafting is to do, while making a bold, visual statement at retail.

technique sheets are available to promote soap crafting at point of purchase. our all-inclusive kits are ideal for beginners as well as experienced crafters. packed in full color gift boxes.

choose from our pre-packed planogram assortments or have our merchandising specialists customize one for you.

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