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the cool soap stuff tm line from Life of the Party tm - cool soapcrafting for cool kids - with our trademark quality.

the cool soap kit

as the leader in soap crafting, Life of the Party is pleased to offer the cool soap stuff line. kids have reacted so strongly to the simplicity and creative possibilities of our essentials soap crafting system, that we created this special product group just for them!

the cool soap stuff line includes fluorescent-colored soap bases, outrageous fragrances, wild colors, glitter and funky mold shapes - kids will love it!! the perfect complement to our essentials line - the backbone of any soap crafting department.

molds & soap bases

our crystal-clear, easy-release molds provide great results. cool shapes that are just right for kids... and unique to the cool soap stuff line.

our soap base is the finest melt & pour formula for soap crafting, made from natural, pure vegetable glycerin soap, contains one-third humectant moisturizers and is enriched with vitamin e. the cool soap stuff line includes 4 wild & outrageous fluorescent-colored soap bases that kids (of all ages) will love it!! the fluorescent yellow, orange, green and pink soap bases come in 1 lb. bricks and are made from natural, pure vegetable glycerin soap.

it's so easy...simply melt, pour, release!

soap stuff additives

cool colors: our easy-to-use, highly concentrated, liquid colors may be used individually, blended to create custom colors, swirled gently for a unique tie-dyed look or to create exciting layered effects. color up to 12 lbs. of soap with one 3-bottle package of dyes! available in .25 oz. dropper bottles.

cool fragrances: finest, blended fragrances in dropper bottles add wild, fresh scents like smashin' strawberry and blueberry blast to soap. highly concentrated - .25 oz. of fragrance can scent up to 6 lbs. of soap.

cool sparkles: finely ground glitter adds a super sparkle to finished soaps!

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