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Life of the Party now offers 8 different soap making & body care kits! these kits come with everything you'll need to get started making your own beautiful, handcrafted bath and body products.

these kits make great gifts for christmas, hanukkah, gift baskets, stocking stuffers or for any occasion.

introduce your friends and family to the joy of making their own handmade natural products!

creative soap bar kit gift creative soap bar kit

from the essentials line comes this kit that features the essentials of soapcrafting. we supply the basic materials, and easy-to-follow instructions - you add the imagination and let the creativity flow! kit includes clear glycerin soap, white coconut oil soap, 1 mold with 4 bar shape designs, 3 coloring dyes and pearberry fragrance. makes up 10 creative soap bars.

spa indulgence embossed soap kit gift spa indulgence embossed soap kit

anyone can make their own soap. kits come with complete and easy to follow directions. the embossed soap kit includes: 2 lbs. white glycerin soap, soap mold (8" x 10" with 3 cavities for 2 square and 1 rectangular soap shape), 2 vials color powders, vial of fragrance, 2 rubber embossing stamps (leaf and flowers design), decorative hand made wrapping paper and raffia (raffia is a palm tree of madagascar, the fibers of which are often used for tying plants, or making hats and baskets).

spa indulgence liquid & bar flower kit gift spa indulgence liquid & bar flower kit

make beautiful flower soap bars, or liquid dispensed soap. kits come with complete and easy to follow directions. the flower soap making kit includes: 1 lb. clear glycerin soap, soap mold (8" x 10" with 3 cavities for rectangular beveled edge soap mold shapes), liquid soap concentrate, thickening agent, an assortment of purple & pink silk flowers, (2) 8 oz. plastic bottles with dispensing caps, fragrance, liquid colorant and an assortment of colored marble soap inserts.

flower loaf soap kit gift flower loaf soap kit

this unique and innovative kit allows you to make gorgeous soap loafs that when sliced have an adorable daisy throughout the entire loaf. when you walk into a high-end bath and body store, slices like these are pricey. we've put together a kit that enables you to get that high-end look, at a small fraction of the cost. its fun to make and to use.

kit includes glycerin soap, 2 flower loaf soap inserts, pearberry fragrance, coloring dyes and a loaf mold. makes eighteen 3/4" soap slices.

fruit bar kits gift fruit bar kits

these deliciously fresh kits let you make 4 boutique-quality fruit bar soaps at a fraction of what you would pay in specialty shops. the unique package is actually the mold and it includes our exclusive high-temperature soap that holds its shape when you pour hot soap over it. available in orange, lemon, watermelon and honeydew. kit includes clear pre-scented and pre-colored clear glycerin and opaque high-temperature soaps, mold and instructions. makes 4 fruit bars.

scrubbie soap kit gift scrubbie soap kit

soap and scrubber all in one - and you made them yourself! these colorful scrubbies are just the right size for the soap - simple to make, fabulous to use. each scrubbie has a loop for hanging right in the shower or bath! kit includes 8 scrubbies, special 4-bar dome mold, glycerin soap, lavender/vanilla fragrance and instructions. makes 8 scrubbie soaps.

loofah soap kit gift loofah soap kit

make your own sumptuous and invigorating loofah soap bars at a fraction of what bath boutiques charge. our natural loofah sponges provide a stimulating exfoliating experience. kit includes glycerin soap, 2 colorful, natural loofah sponges, chamomile fragrance, green tea fragrance and loaf mold. makes ten 1" thick loofah soap slices.

cool soap stuff kit gift cool soap stuff kit

make cool soap bars with wild, raised graphics and slice up a daisy loaf, too! we've included a special, 5-style bar mold and a loaf mold so kids can really let their imaginations flow. includes clear and white glycerin soaps, daisy loaf insert, 2 molds, blueberry blast fragrance and 3 coloring dyes that can be used individually or combined to make almost any color. makes 16 soaps total.

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