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you crafty thing you! martha, move over! turn that love for making crafts into big bucks! sell them local - on ebay - craft fairs/shows - where ever you can!

Life of the Party can help you discover how to profit from your soapmaking craft - contact us to learn more!

have you ever dreamed of learning how to make fragrant soaps & beauty care products? you can! if you already make soaps for gifts or as a hobby, you can easily turn this into a home business. develop a marketable line of soaps (consider scented varieties and purposeful soaps). you can make different sizes for different markets. for instance, you might sell travel-sized soaps to bed & breakfasts, medium sized soaps to gift basketeers looking for filler items, and large soaps for selling in retail stores.

some ideas

  • melt & pour, glycerin, fizzies- if you know your stuff, you can be set up in a booming business. learn more

  • women just love beautiful soap- as gifts, or just to indulge ourselves! make your own signature soaps and get started in this great biz! learn more

    merchandising ideas

    presentation isn't everthing but it can make a big difference in your sales.

  • place several homemade soaps in a small basket along with a loofah, washcloth or handmade lotion for a great gift basket.
  • purchase a small wooden crate, fill with raffia and place your homemade soaps inside.
  • wrap each soap with a personalized tag you made on your computer, with stamps or by hand. give your soap concoction an official name and list the ingredients.
  • give your homemade soaps out with accompanying soap dishes, and wrap them together with a pretty ribbon.

    some first steps

  • read several small business books to find out how others have succeeded in art or craft businesses. creative cash, for example, includes a hundred stories of how various individuals have started and succeeded in businesses both small and large.

  • decide to develop a professional attitude right from the start, looking at the art or craft activity as a business instead of a hobby, even if your financial goals are small.

  • find other people who share your interests, so you can network with them to exchange ideas and stay motivated.

  • do a serious time study to learn how you are presently spending your time, and where you'll find all the extra hours you will need to run a business at home. if you are not an organized person, read a book or two on how to get organized, which in turn will save you lots of time you can devote to your business.

  • do plenty of "market research." browse craft fairs, craft shops and mall and retail stores that carry handcrafted gifts. competition is keen, so sell with success, you must offer unusual products not easily found elsewhere.

  • take the time to read craft business periodicals. business periodicals focus on such things as industry and marketing trends, what consumers are buying, what's working in business and what isn't.

  • establish a good bookkeeping system and hire a professional to help you with your annual tax return to make sure you're not overlooking important money-saving deductions. ask your local irs office for its free booklet, business use of your home (#587).

  • learn about federal regulations that may affect your crafts business, such as consumer safety laws, tag and label laws, trade practice laws and copyrights, trademarks and patents.
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